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To My Valued Patients,

To begin with, I would like to thank you for the trust you have given me over the years as your physician. Taking care of you has been an honor for my staff and me. Your continuing wellness and health are priorities for us. 

This letter is to inform you that I will be transitioning from private practice and joining the team at Alluvion Health. My final day seeing patients at my current location will be February 3, 2o23. I will start seeing patients at Alluvion Health (115 4th St South) February 13, 2o23.

I am excited for the opportunity to continue our relationship at a new venue. My practice will add additional services to Alluvion Health and Alluvion Health will have added services for you as a patient too. 

To transition your care, a HIPAA compliant authorization form is necessary to release a copy of your medical records to you, another physician, or Alluvion Health. Included in this packet is a Release of Information that with your signature allows my practice to release your records to Alluvion Health for integration into their Electronic Health Record. This will make your first visit with me at Alluvion Health as efficient as possible. My staff will contact you to reschedule existing appointments you may have scheduled after February 3, 2o23 and discuss establishing your appointment at the new location. Teaming up with Alluvion means we are well poised to meet your medical needs and offer a wide variety of qualified care support options. For more information on Alluvion Health, you can always visit their website at 

It is my privilege to continue to serve you at Alluvion Health. I look forward to supporting you and your health care needs now and in the future. 

If you have any questions regarding your transition of care to the new site, need to schedule an appointment, or if you need assistance with transfer of your care, please call our office at (4o6) 771-9o5o or Alluvion Health (4o6) 454-6973.

Warm Regards,

Elaine A Barbieri, M.D.